Kate's Lens


Events + Retreats

I will take the weight of capturing content off your shoulders, though my purpose goes far beyond that.

I am not just here to document, I am here to witness.

By capturing the moments, I am able to create something tangible that can be revisited, and integrated on a different level.

I am here to hold space for you, and I invite you to take up space in front of my lens.

entrepreneur Essence Session

Through collaborative creative sessions that can include imagery, audio, and video content.

We will collect the essential pieces and get your marketing message out there.

let's Elope

when i began to pursue photography, my husband asked when i would expand my services to weddings.

“never” i said with authority. 

i can say with healthy discernment and no judgement:

huge weddings are not my jam, and i don’t understand the hype.

if you are still reading, maybe we are on the same page.

i believe that the focal point should be your love. 

i also  believe in doing work that aligns with my heart. 

an intimate sacred ceremony celebrating your big love

aligns perfectly