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Message To Movement

Please read all of this. It contains important information.


I want to say so much to all of you, but I am also ready to share all this magic with you. keeping things short and sweet, 

i am so grateful I got to meet each of you and hear a little bit of your stories. 

downloading images

– Click the heart button on the image to “favorite” the images you would like to download

– Go to the top of the page and find the heart in the tab

-Click the download button to download all your favorites 

Downloading Video

Go to the Google Drive link at the bottom of this page.

You will need to request access.

each speaker has a numbered folder with their full-length video and a few pre-made

short-form clips.

*notes on video content. These videos do not represent my standard quality. Unfortunately,

Just before the speaking began, my main camera body had an unexpected

malfunction. Luckily, I had my backup. My backup works great for photography.

but it isn’t ideal for video.

you will notice some parts get bright; that is me ensuring speakers are in focus. i did not know it 

had this effect on the exposure while filming. 

trust me when I say how much of a lemon this was!

This is a nearly new camera, my biggest investment in my own business, and it failed.

the energy from being around all your stories truly kept me in a calm, go-with-the-flow state. 

i thank you all for that, and i apologize for the video quality. 

please note:

Images are online until January 12, 2024. 

– Do not screenshot images 

– Do not edit, crop, or apply filters to images.

– you are encouraged to share images online and in print.

* Be sure to download high-res for print 


* Web-size for sharing online 


– i ask that photo credit be given when sharing images.

Online platforms:

Instagram: @kateslensphotoandvideo

P.s I love to be invited as a collaborator when you post 🙂

Facebook: @Kate’s Lens

Website: www.kateslens.ca

If you have any questions please call or text me @ 250 899 0606